The Shipibo lawyer, Susy Díaz Gonzáles, in alliance with the Ucayali regional indigenous organisation (ORAU), the Institute for Legal Defence (IDL) and the Bari Wesna Intercultural Association has presented a constitutional demand against the Ucayali Region High Court for violating article 114 of the Penal Process Code This obliges the Judiciary to provide interpreters in all penal processes for indigenous people who do not speak Spanish or have difficulties in understanding it.

The Peruvian constitution states that all Peruvians have the right to use their own language in dealing with any authority through an interpreter. By not providing such a service in a regional high court where one of the largest Amazonian indigenous peoples (the Shipibo-Conibo) resides, both the constitution and the penal code are being violated and there is a failure to ensure that justice is served.