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Coronavirus disrupts cocaine trade

The UN reports that the coronavirus has upended the world drug supply chains and generally reduced shipments. The distribution of cocaine around the world depends on hiding cocaine in legitimate consignments of goods shipped...

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This week

It was the week that saw the arrival of the coronavirus in Peru, a development that has all and sundry concerned owing to the deficiencies of the Peruvian health system. Not surprisingly today’s (Saturday’s) newspapers have...

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AIDESEP accused of misusing funds

The Rainforest Foundation of Norway (RFN) has informed AIDESEP, the Association of Indigenous Organisations of the Peruvian Rainforest, of its decision to cease funding following an audit report that identified systematic misuse...

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‘Que se vayan todos’

‘Let’s get rid of them all’. Loosely translated, this is the headline message of a huge march in Lima and other cities on 5 September, designed to register public protest at the delaying tactics deployed by the congressional...

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