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The PSG works to support the defence and promotion of human rights and strengthen democracy in Peru. We provide a valuable and reliable source of information for all who share an interest in Peru, its people, their human rights and sustainable development in the region.

Our partners see us as a channel to amplify their voices and advocate for change through our network of academics, activists and lobbyists.

But we rely on our members to provide timely and reliable information on what is happening in Peru, and to provide our core funding.

Your support has never been so important! Please consider supporting the PSG by becoming a member. We ask for a minimum subscription of £20 a year, but would be very happy if you felt you could make a larger pledge. Knowing that we have a regular sum coming in is incredibly helpful for our planning and ability to do our work effectively. With a regular contribution you can help us to continue to engage with our partners in Peru, disseminate information, and give voice to those fighting for social justice, through organising events in Europe, visits of human rights defenders, and lobbying of the British parliament and policy influencers.

Your contribution is important.

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