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Teachers start new strike

Peru’s teachers initiated a new campaign of strikes last week, aimed to increase teachers’ pay and at forcing the government to retreat on its plans to reform the profession. In response, the government made a number of...

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The teachers’ strike ends

As we went to press on 2 September, it was announced that a majority of the regional organisations belonging to SUTEP had decided to call off their strike which had run for nearly three months. It was clear that this was not...

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University Law battle intensifies

Plans have been under way for weeks to derail the legislation passed under the Humala government to reform university governance. Fujimori’s Fuerza Popular, allied with APRA, long ago decided that the attempts to tighten the...

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Education minister under siege

Over the past couple of weeks Education Minister Jaime Saavedra has seen his popularity fall because of a concerted effort by Apristas and Fujimoristas to bring him down. On the face of it, this has to do with his shortcomings...

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Education programmes

The battle between Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski for the second round in June highlights the need for close scrutiny of their policies in fields other than those that have tended to predominate: economic management,...

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Students defend University Law

On 25 November 2015, hundreds of students and ordinary citizens took to the streets of Lima to protest against the possibility that the University Law (passed in 2014) would be watered down by a proposal introduced in...

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University law upheld

On 11 November the Constitutional Tribunal (TC) finally upheld the Law on Universities. This had passed Congress in July 2014, but was immediately challenged by a number of appeals over its constitutionality; it was argued that...

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Education for All

Peru´s Education system is bottom of the list in Latin America and globally, according to the 2013 PISA report (Program for International Student Assessment) for developed and more advanced developing 65 countries. Prime...

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