A small but important human rights initiative occurred on 8-9 May in Tambobamba where the first meeting of the ‘Escuela de Mujeres de Cotabambas’ took place. An initiative of the Centro Bartolomé de las Casas (CBC) in Cusco, and the NGO Cooperacción, this ‘school’ plans to hold another two sessions. These are designed to build capacities among women both to identify their rights when faced with domestic violence and other abuses and to enhance their capacity to respond in pursuit of justice and security. Livelihoods are an important part of the syllabus, and the impact of mining on livelihoods. The impact of the huge nearby Las Bambas mine on both livelihoods and quality of life loom large.

The effects of such initiatives need to be carefully evaluated. If positive, they can hopefully be replicated elsewhere.