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Confiep shows its true colours

Confiep, Peru’s powerful private business confederation, has always maintained close ties to Fuerza Popular as well as its various pre-incarnations (Cambio 90 etc). Last week it put its loyalty to the Fuji-cause up in lights. In...

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Who is the king of the castle?

Francisco Durand, more than anyone of his generation, has researched the ins and outs of Peru’s powerful business elite. Coinciding with a conference this week in the Catholic University on elites, civil society and the state in...

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Mining investment down, again

According to figures put together by Cooperacción, on the basis of data from the Ministry of Economy and Mines, mining investment to June was down 2.7% on the same period last year. Taking the same half-yearly comparisons, this...

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Milk freshener

Adding to what we wrote last week on Leche Gloria and the regulators, Ojo Público, has produced research into the history of the company and its dealings with Indecopi, the public interest watchdog. Of the ten cases between 2006...

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