Category: Agriculture

And in Peru’s potato park…

A potato park has been established in the Sacred Valley of the Incas on an area of 39 square miles on a terrain varying between 3,400 to 4,900 metres above sea level. The idea is to see what types of potato grow best at...

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Agrarian reform: 50 years on

It was on 24 June, then renamed ‘Dia del campesinado’, that President Juan Velasco decreed the agrarian reform in Peru. 50 years on, the reform, which was one of the most radical exercises in property redistribution ever...

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Coffee producers squeezed

Coffee producers, mainly small-scale farmers, are being squeezed out of the market by low international prices. Many have no alternative but to abandon their crops and seek alternative work picking coca leaves and producing...

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Coca and corruption

A recent article by Jaime Antezana draws attention to the linkages between drug manufacture, corruption and the ongoing presence of terrorist organisations in places like the VRAEM (Valleys of the Rivers Apurímac, Ene and...

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