Category: Water

Water shock ahead

One of the main promises made by President Kuczynski on taking office was to ensure that all Peruvians, no matter what their circumstances, would have access to mains water and sewerage by 2021: ‘water’ would be the headline...

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Water doesn’t come from your tap

This is the title of the upcoming national meeting in Lima to discuss water issues, organised by a group of NGOs including DHSF, CODEHICA, Ser Ayacucho, Cooperacción, CEPES, and SISAY, among others. The encounter will take place...

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Glacial melt takes its toll

Peru has lost 43% of its glacier cover over the last four decades, according to figures just released by the National Water Authority (ANA). The reason for this is the increase in temperatures due to climate change. Peru has a...

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