Confiep, Peru’s powerful private business confederation, has always maintained close ties to Fuerza Popular as well as its various pre-incarnations (Cambio 90 etc). Last week it put its loyalty to the Fuji-cause up in lights. In a statement issued on 30 September, it expresses its “energetic rejection” of the “violation of the constitution perpetrated by the President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra” on the basis of an “unconstitutional argument”.

It goes on to assert that the president’s decision to dissolve Congress has “submerged the country into a grave [state of] uncertainty”.

In an article in Hildebrandt en sus Trece entitled ‘La Konfiep y la Korrupción’, Pedro Franke traces the partisan history of Confiep back to Alberto Fujimori’s autogolpe in April 1992.