Two inmates who stand to benefit from Covid-19 are Keiko Fujimori, the leader of Fuerza Popular, and Susana Villarán, the former mayor of Lima. Both are due to walk out of jail on 3 May, though Villarán, who has been suffering major health problems, will remain under house arrest. Both were being held on remand while investigations continue into their alleged role in receiving illegal cash payments from Odebrecht, the Brazilian construction firm.

The judges in Fujimori’s case apparently believed that she no longer poses a danger of interfering in the course of justice. She will be under a regime of comparencia restringida, meaning that her movements will be restricted and she will be bound to appear before the judicial authorities every 30 days. Her release from jail is bound to be controversial. Her lawyers had argued that the public prosecutors had failed ‘due diligence’ to bring the case against her in the shortest time possible.