Last week we reported on splits within Nuevo Perú over its leadership’s choice of alliances with either Perú Libre (led by Vladirmir Cerrón) and/or Juntos por el Perú (led by Yehudi Simon). On 1 November, the alliance with Juntos por el Perú was formally announced. Apparently, the approach to Perú Libre had fallen foul of requirements insisted upon by the electoral authorities.

Following its split with the Frente Amplio in 2016, Nuevo Perú lacked official registration to take part in elections. It was therefore looking to ally itself with a grouping that already enjoyed registration as a party, thus permitting it to run candidates for Congress. Juntos por el Perú is registered.

The alliance will attract criticism from those who believe that Simon bore responsibility for the 2009 massacre at Bagua. He was Alan García’s prime minister at the time. It has also been suggested that Simon may have received money from Odebrecht.