In a climate of renewed and growing confrontation between the executive and legislative branches, both Prime Minister Salvador del Solar and Justice Minister Vicente Zevallos have accused Fuerza Popular (FP) and its allies in APRA of deliberately dragging their heels in pushing ahead with reforms to improve the workings of the political and justice systems. They have demanded that the congressional Constitution Commission, headed by Rosa Bartra, give the reforms due priority.

The fear is that if the reforms, especially those related to the electoral system, are not passed swiftly, they will be inapplicable to the next general election in 2021. The supposition is that FP has little interest in their passage and is therefore deliberately delaying their debate in Congress.

In his comments, Zevallos made clear that he viewed this reluctance as part of the longstanding position of the FP to frustrate government policies. Until a few weeks ago, however, the climate of relations between the executive and opposition appeared to be improving.