On 10 May, a firmly-worded press release by FUCAE (Federación Unificada de Campesinos de Espinar Domingo Huarca Cruz) and the communities directly affected by the Antapaccay expansion at Tintaya  put down a strong marker in regard to the prior consultation promised by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Francisco Ismodes on 22 April.

The press release makes the point that the original consultation on the Environmental Impact Study (EIA), to which the communities had a right by law, did not happen. The current consultation concerns the modification to the original EIA (or MEIA). FUCAE and the communities want all possible attention given to and care taken over this event. The press release formally invites the three NGOs closely involved in supporting the communities (IDL, DHSF and Cooperacción) to participate in the preparatory workshops.

This consultation is the result, they point out, of the presentation in March of an amparo by the communities. An amparo is a legal writ of protection of constitutional rights. They demand the presence of guarantors and a clear role for representatives of the Cuzco regional government, the cusqueño representatives in the Congress, and the Peruvian representatives at the Comunidad Andina.

There will be a meeting on 15 May between Ismodes and the Espinar communities in the vicinity of the mine. This is intended to set out a programme of work for the consulta.