On Friday 26 April the acceptance was announced of the resignation of Miguel Inchaustegui from the post he took up nearly a year ago as Vice Minister of Energy and Mines. Inchaustegui is retiring ‘for personal reasons’. He came from a senior position at Goldfields Peru, and has worked tirelessly to bring together policy makers, companies and civil society. In his portfolio has been the development of the Centro de Convergencias de Buenas Practicas Minero-Energéticas, known as Rimay, and the grounding in specific policies of the document on mining in 2030 being produced by the Grupo Visión Minería 2030. His efforts have been generally well supported.

His role will be taken over by Patricia Elliot, Vice Minister of Electricity, in addition to her present responsibilities, as a temporary measure until the post can be filled.

The new version of the document produced by the Grupo Visión Minería 2030 was presented to the government on 22 February by the Minister of Energy and Mines It is now out for further consultation in the regions.