Congress has agreed that the president will once again go through the process of impeachment. On Thursday 15 March the 87 votes needed for the motion to be presented were reached and the notification was sent to the president that once again he will have to appear before Congress on 22 March to defend his position before a general debate on whether he will be allowed to stay or if he will be forced to go. This new motion has had the support from most opposition parties leading to collaboration between the parties in the left, Frente Amplio and Nuevo Peru with Keiko’s Fuerza Popular. It remains to be seen if Kenji will be able to convince more legislators to abandon his sister’s parliamentary group. If he does he might be able to save the Kuczsynski presidency.

On 16 March PPK received the members of the Lava Jato commission in the presidential palace for a meeting that lasted more than seven hours. When leaving the palace the president of the commission, Rosa Bartra, indicated they had had a lot of trouble with Kuczynski’s attorneys, and Mauricio Mulder from Apra said that the president had simply said many obvious things. Legislator Yeni Vilcatoma was not allowed into the palace because her name had not been included in the list of members of the commission.