The new Congress, elected on 26 January, was sworn in on 28 February. The party breakdown in the single chamber 130 member legislature is as follows: Acción Popular 25 seats, Alianza para el Progreso 22 seats, Fuerza Popular 15 seats, Frepap 15 seats, Unión por el Perú 13 seats, Podemos Perú 11 seats, Somos Perú 11 seats, Partido Morado 9 seats, and the Frente Amplio 9 seats.

Of the total, 36 seats correspond to Metropolitan Lima plus Peruvian voters abroad. The next largest geographical contingents are from La Libertad and Piura with seven seats each.

Over the next week, the mesa directiva will take office. It will be composed of members from Acción Popular, Alianza para el Progreso, Somos Perú and Podemos Perú. Thereafter the membership and chairs of the various committees will be selected.

The new Congress will operate until July 2021. Its main focus will be on reforms to the political and judicial systems.