In response to a law suit brought in 2017, Loreto’s High Court of Justice has just given a ruling which the NGO IDL (Instituto de Defensa Legal) working with the indigenous groups describes as “historic”. IDL has been supporting the PIACI, or Indigenous Peoples Living in Voluntary Isolation, in their battle to secure adequate protection for their rights and way of life.

IDL works with ORPIO, the Regional Organization of Indigenous Peoples of the East.

After a protracted battle, the ruling requires the state and Perupetro desist in their exploration of three oil sites. The ruling also asks for a more adequate zoning to be applied to the area of the Sierra del Divisor national park.

The original decree creating the park failed to give protection to a number of groups who the ORPIO and IDL urge need “a zone of strict protection”. The protection needed covers territory and health as such populations are completely vulnerable to the effect of viruses from outside. Under the terms of such strict protection, scientific, extractive and touristic activities are prohibited.

The ruling is clear that the absence of a formal reserve is no excuse for not protecting these indigenous people.