Regional leaders across Peru met to discuss the current situation of business and human rights on 2 and 3 December as part of Peru’s ongoing process to develop a National Plan of Action on Business and Human Rights (NAP). They sought to assess what needs to be incorporated into such a plan. The process is being led by the Ministry of Justice.

Leaders from Cuzco, Apurímac, Moquegua, Junín, Ancash, Lima, Loreto, Amazonas, Ucayali and Ica agreed that many mining companies are responsible for human rights abuses, in particular infringements to labour rights, rights to water, rights to health and the right to have a clean environment. They also talked about current difficulties in ensuring full respect for human rights, not least the way in which corruption leads to powerful economic interests effectively capturing the state and thus shaping policy.

However, those present saw the formulation of the NAP as an opportunity to help guarantee protection of human rights by both the state and companies. Regional leaders agreed to continue talking with the Ministry of Justice in its formulation of a baseline.  They insist that the NAP becomes a binding instrument to ensure full implementation. They issued a Civil Society Declaration at the conclusion of the event.