In a public declaration directed at the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM), the Culture Ministry (MINCUL) and other public organizations, PUINAMUDT, the platform of indigenous organisations located in oil block 192, have denounced that the plan for consultation on the terms of the new oil contract agreed upon in May is not being implemented. It claims that the relevant authorities have not responded to their requests for its re-activation.

The current contract, signed with Pacific Energy (now Frontier Energy) in 2015, expires next March. MINEM has indicated that the block will be assigned to PetroperĂș in association with a private company yet to be decided upon. According to Peruvian law, based on ILO Convention 169, indigenous peoples impacted by the oil extraction operations in their territories must be consulted before any contract is signed in order to ensure that their rights are respected and protected.

A programme for carrying out the consultation prior to signing the contract renewal was agreed between the state and indigenous organisations back in May; it was supposed to end in November. However, the first informational stage has yet to be completed and successive meetings have been canceled by state representatives with no explanation and no rescheduling.

The indigenous organisations are therefore demanding a meeting to draw up a new programme and timetable for consultations so that there will be sufficient time to discuss and resolve their concerns and avoid violation of their rights.

In the consultation process leading up to the signing of the last oil contract in 2015 there were continuous delays and disagreements and, in the rush to meet the contract signing deadline, the state simply overrode indigenous objections and failed to address many of their concerns. The indigenous organisations are now worried that this pattern of last-minute consultation without due process will be repeated. These concerns have been reinforced by the involvement of top officials from MINEM and MINCUL who took part in the previous consultation process