The national federation representing Amazonian indigenous peoples (AIDESEP) and the organization representing Amazonian and Andean indigenous women (ONAMIAP) have presented a demand to the environment ministry (MINAM), that they be included in the regulations governing the implementation of the climate change law (Law 30754).

They also want the regulations to be consistent with international agreements protecting the rights of indigenous peoples.

They urge the government, specifically the president and the environment minister, to respect indigenous peoples’ own development models and to guarantee them the right to participation, free, prior and informed consultation and consent when deciding the norms governing climate mitigation and adaptation. They have requested meetings with the prime minister, the economy minister, the agriculture minister, the ombudsman, the ILO, regional and local governments, parliamentarians and others to present their proposals and have asked NGOs, universities, consultants and analysts to support them.

Furthermore, they have proposed the creation of an Indigenous Climate Platform, the appointment of a high-level commission on climate change, a faster rate of reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, implementation of REDD+, and the acceleration and reorientation of existing international climate funding.

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