With its conference on 15 December, the PSG commemorated 35 years since its founding (at the end of 1983). As Vice-president Rosemary Thorp made clear, it was not a source of satisfaction that the PSG continues to be needed to defend human and other rights in Peru. As well as the conference, members also attended the PSG Annual General Meeting.

Topics covered at the conference included an overview of contemporary politics and human rights, led by John Crabtree and Natalia Sobrevilla, including an analysis of the referendum and its significance. Conrad Feather from the Forest Peoples Programme then led a session on problems of land security for indigenous peoples in the Amazon jungle. For the third session we were joined via Skype with Gustavo Zambrano of IDEHPUCP in Lima who explained how the Peruvian judiciary works, both in theory and in practice. The final session was a report-back on the workshop held by the PSG in Lima on 7 December on processes of dialogue between mining companies and communities in four specific projects. This was introduced by Rosemary Thorp, John Crabtree and Ana Reyes Hurt.