On 25 April, the public prosecutor in the high court, Luis Landa, took up the issue of the partial closure of the case of forced sterilisations shelved in December 2016. He ruled that the case should continue and that former president Alberto Fujimori, as well as his ministers of health (Marino Costa, Eduardo Yong and Alejandro Aguinaga) should be prosecuted as the perpetrators of those crimes, along with other health ministry officials at the time.

This is yet another of the many U-turns in this complex case, first opened 15 years ago by 2,166 of the women affected. Since then, many more victims have come forward demanding justice and redress.

In November 2016, a national register of victims was set up by the Humala government, and this has been circulated around the country. Victims have organised a national association and several projects have sprung up over this time to publicise their plight, including the Quipu project Leaders of the association, such as Victoria Vigo, are now demanding a meeting with the prime minister; they want to know what the new government intends to do to honour promises about reparation of victims.