Alberto Fujimori may stand trial for his part in the killings at Pativilca, nothwithstanding the pardon given to him by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski last December. The court considering the case ruled on 19 February that Fujimori, along with 22 others, was responsible for the killing of six people in this town to the north of Lima in 1992. The killings were perpetrated by the Colina death squad. According to Fujimori’s accusers he was personally responsible for ordering the killings.

The Colina was also responsible for the killing of residents of the Barrios Altos and students from the La Cantuta University in 1991 and 1992 respectively. These were included in the accusations for which Fujimori was given his 25-year sentence (and for which he received his presidential pardon). The Pativilca killings were not included in the original charges against Fujimori.

The Colina was set up as a counter-insurgency group to combat Sendero Luminoso. It is thought to have killed some 60 people in all, mainly opponents of the Fujimori regime.

The verdict on Pativilca could, however, be reversed if taken to appeal.