On the eve of the Pope’s visit to Peru, the Plataforma Europa Perú (PEP) and CIDSE, the international alliance of Catholic development agencies, published a statement expressing their deep concern over the human rights situation in Peru. The pronouncement was highly critical of the pardon granted to former president Alberto Fujimori and called on the Peruvian government to adhere to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission’s recommendations for it to put in place all necessary measures to re-establish the rights of the victims affected by this decision.

The PEP and CIDSE also called for Peru to abide by any forthcoming decision taken by the Inter-American Court and to follow all the recommendations of international experts to strengthen the rule of law. The Court is due to hold a special session on the matter on 2 February.

The Peru Support Group is an active member of the PEP and has worked very closely in the elaboration of the statement. In collaboration with members of the PEP, we will continue to monitor the situation and react accordingly.