On the evening of Wednesday, 21 June, Esperanza Guayama, president of the Association of Forcefully Sterilised Women from the region of Huancabamba in Piura, will be attending an event jointly organised by the Peru Support Group, Amnesty International and the University of Kent. This will take place at Amnesty International House in London, at 6.00pm. A documentary on the work of Ines Ruiz in the search for justice will be presented alongside the Quipu project, an online platform where many sterilisation victims have placed their stories.

Between 1996 and 1998, some 200,000 women and around 30,000 men were forcefully sterilised, many without their consent or understanding what the procedure meant for their fertility. The victims have been campaigning for justice and reparation for two decades, and this meeting is an opportunity to learn more about what this policy consisted of as well as its longer-term consequences.

The panel will include Esperanza Guayama, Ines Ruiz and a member of the Quipu project, as well as Dr. Natalia Sobrevilla Perea from the University of Kent. Graham Minter from Amnesty International will be chairing the event.

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