On 6 June, the Constitutional Tribunal ruled in favour of the mining company Yanacocha, which has for years been fighting a 2007 order of the provincial municipality of San Pablo in Cajamarca. This created a Protected Environmental Area to preserve the so-called Lagunas de Alto Perú, a site consisting of 284 highland lakes and 456 springs that feeds three separate river basins.

Yanacocha owns part of the land surrounding the lakes, and insists that the protection measure damages its freedom with regard to industry and work, while maintaining that it has no plans to develop mining activity in the area. The Observatorio de Conflictos Mineros, the source of the report, asks plausibly why then spend ten years fighting the measure in the face of four previous judicial decisions against the company.

The mayor of San Pablo is already in Lima planning the next legal step. Could this be an item for the Encuentro Nacional por el Agua in Lima in three weeks time?