Indigenous communities in Loreto have now been on strike for two months, blocking the river Marañon. Faced with the effects of nine oil spills this year, they are desperate to force action from the government, including the making good of damage done and a revision of the contract with the Argentine company PlusPetrol. As we reported last week, Rolando Luque, the new ONDS chief, went to Saramillo as his first visit in his new job; the communities consider that the government has not yet offered sufficiently concrete solutions.

Petroperú, in charge of the pipeline, is claiming that six of the nine spills this year were the result of sabotage. Luque meanwhile is claiming that all the points arising from last week’s agreement are being followed up, and he is appealing for continued dialogue. For their part, the communities want a new official visit. Luque says he first wants their response to the measures already announced.