A court in Lima has served a cautionary measure (medida cautelar) on Cacao del Perú Norte, ordering it to stop all activity at Tamshiyacu because of its impact on primary forest there. Cacao del Perú Norte is one of a number of companies owned by Dennis Melka, the US-Czech entrepreneur who has been at the centre of allegations of deforestation and conflicts with indigenous organisations in Amazon region. The company, which has raised funds through AIM on the London Stock Exchange, appears to have ignored earlier warnings from the Ministry of Agriculture to desist from further deforestation. For details, see http://www.servindi.org/actualidad-noticias/14/05/2016/juzgado-ordena-empresa-de-dennis-melka-paralizar-sus-operaciones

United Cacao, the group to which Cacao del Perú Norte belongs, has issued a strongly-worded reply to allegations that it has contravened Peruvian environmental law. In a statement last week, the company is quoted as saying that it “operates in full compliance with all applicable Peruvian and environmental laws relating to planning, land use, development, operation and plantation standard, It operates on freehold land zoned for agricultural purposes by the relevant government authorities of Loreto, Peru.” For his part, Melka denies that primary rainforest has been affected. http://www.peruthisweek.com/news-united-cacao-bites-back-over-illicit-activity-claims-109525?utm_source=BlogsMay13&utm_campaign=BlogsFridayMay13&utm_medium=email

Indigenous organisations affected by mono-cultivation of the sort perpetrated by companies owned by Melka, including palm oil plantations, are preparing to organise a regional meeting on 28-30 June, bringing together communities from Ucayali, Loreto and San Martín regions.