Two indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon have filed a complaint against UK-listed oil company Maple Energy Plc with the ombudsman of the World Bank’s International Finance Corp (IFC). They are accusing the oil company of polluting their ancestral land and rivers.

Members of the Shipibo-Konibo indigenous communities in Canaan de Cachicuyo and Nuevo Sucre say that Maple has contaminated their food and water, including five oil spills in the last 15 months.

Maple, which is listed on the London-based AIM stock exchange, benefited from an equity investment by the IFC of at least US$ 10 million (about £6.5 million) in its operations in Peru. The IFC claims to foster “sustainable economic growth in developing countries by financing private sector investment”.

The Shipibo-Konibo communities have asked US environmental NGO the International Accountability Project to help negotiate an agreement with Maple so that the company would accept responsibility and be monitored by the IFC.