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The informal sector; onwards and upwards

According to the National Statistics Institute (INEI) in a report released last week, the number of Peruvians working in the informal sector reached 8.6 million, up nearly 3% on the first quarter of 2018. Of every ten Peruvians in the labour market, seven are in the...

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Susana Villarán jailed for 18 months

The judicial decision to jail the former mayor of Lima for 18 months while investigations continue into allegations of corruption came as no surprise. As we pointed out last week, Susana Villarán is but the latest Peruvian politician to fall victim to the bribery...

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The time of reckoning

In the past months the Peruvian justice system has been involved in a series of investigations of corruption at all levels of government. In the last week many of those processes have come to a head and this has led to a moment of reckoning for both members of...

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