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Minister outlines initiative to pre-empt conflict

Miguel Incháustegui, the new minister of energy and mines, made a potentially important announcement on 10 August but one that provoked scant attention. In a press release, Incháustegui announced that the ministry would set up 'management committees' in regions where...

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New minister, but will policy change?

As we have seen, Pedro Cateriano lasted only 19 days as prime minister and the new ministerial line-up includes a new minister of energy and mines, an appointment designed to allay congressional opposition. The work plan that Cateriano presented to Congress on 3...

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Vizcarra`s speech hints at a new deal for mining

President Vizcarra`s Independence Day speech offered general statements, worrisome announcements and some significant silences on mining issues. What he said is consistent with previous assertions: the commitment to mining is on so long as it is done in ways that are...

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