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Economic freefall

According to figures published by the central bank on 20 August, the Peruvian economy shrank by a full 17.4% in the first half of this year compared to the same period in 2019. The worst hit areas were construction (-42%), commerce (-27.5%), manufacturing (-22.3%) and...

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Asháninka square off against coca mafia

The Asháninka of the central jungle are defending themselves from inroads being made on their lands by colonists keen to extend the frontier of coca growing. This is an old story, but the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the pressure on land to produce coca. With a...

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Ministry helps people die from Covid

IDL-Reporteros, which has been in the vanguard of investigative journalism in Peru, published last week an article which shows how bureaucratic barriers, seemingly linked to vested interests, are creating obstacles to the development and use of technologies for...

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