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Confiep opposes tax changes

The organisation that represents most of Peru’s larger business groups, Confiep, has registered its opposition to changes to the tax legislation. María Isabel León, Confiep’s president, made clear this week that she considered that “it is not the right moment to talk...

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Coronavirus disrupts cocaine trade

The UN reports that the coronavirus has upended the world drug supply chains and generally reduced shipments. The distribution of cocaine around the world depends on hiding cocaine in legitimate consignments of goods shipped principally by sea but also by air and...

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Keiko Fujimori and Susana Villarán freed from jail

Two inmates who stand to benefit from Covid-19 are Keiko Fujimori, the leader of Fuerza Popular, and Susana Villarán, the former mayor of Lima. Both are due to walk out of jail on 3 May, though Villarán, who has been suffering major health problems, will remain under...

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