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We draw attention to poverty and human rights issues in Peru by providing timely news and analysis to an international network of policymakers, researchers and civil society groups.

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Peru is a country of abundant natural resources and rich culture. Despite this, over half of the population live in poverty. Social discrimination and inequality are widespread.

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Peru Support Group is partially supported by CAFOD and occasional other contracts that we obtain. But without donors we could not continue.

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Phase Three of ease-up with pandemic far from over

As Phase Three of the government’s strategy to open up the economy after lockdown got under way, the ‘new normal’ looked rather familiar: urban transport full to the brim with passengers trying desperately to get to work with no heed for social distancing. Combi...

Tailings dams: NGOs push for better guarantees

It is now eighteen months since the disastrous collapse of the Vale tailings dam at Brumadinho. This has led to much soul-searching both by mining organisations and civil society on the way ahead. Not everyone is happy with progress made on the lessons learnt....

Reforms for sustainable mining under debate

As we commented last week, the government recently published a report recommending reforms for sustainable mining in Peru. This past Thursday, on 25 June, the report was publicly presented and debated for the first time. Over 170 persons listened to the summary...

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