Following a ruling by Judge Víctor Zúñiga, Keiko Fujimori returned to the women’s jail in Chorillos on 29 January to serve a maximum 15-month incarceration while further investigations take place into the accusations of corruption, money laundering and the obstruction of justice that surround her. Her lawyers are preparing to appeal.

The case had been at the centre of public attention ever since Keiko was released from jail two months ago at the behest of the Constitutional Tribunal. She now faces new charges based on testimony that has come to light in recent months, mainly relating to the illicit money she received for her presidential campaigns of 2011 and 2016.

According to Marianella Ledesma, the new head of the Constitutional Tribunal (who replaced Ernesto Blume last month) the case affecting Keiko has nothing to do with the one for which she was previously released at the end of November. Ledesma claims that Fujimori’s lawyers could apply for another writ of habeas corpus.

The case against Fujimori was brought by the crusading prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, accused by Fujimori supporters of carrying out a witch-hunt against the leader of Fuerza Popular. He argued successfully that there was a real chance of Fujimori seeking to escape from Peru and thus evade the charges against her or otherwise obstructing justice.