The National Industries Association (Sociedad Nacional de Industrias, SNI) has alerted the Kuczynski administration to the dangers of failing to stand up for national interests in the negotiations, currently under way, for a free trade agreement with India.

The SNI points to sectors of the Peruvian economy, like textiles, clothing and industrial machinery, which it says are highly vulnerable to unfair competition from India. Peruvian producers of textiles have already suffered from cheap imports from China, both in the domestic market and those of third party markets like the United States.

The SNI points too to the Chilean experience of a partial FTA with India, signed in 2006, which has done nothing to increase non-traditional exports from Chile to India. The vast majority of exports are of copper, for which no FTA was needed, it argues. It says there is no evidence that Peru will have more luck in selling its non-traditional exports on the Indian market.

See El Comercio for futher details.