• Economic growth continues

    31 May 2006

    Peru's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) indicated a year-to-date increase of 7.15% in the first trimester of 2006

  • Keiko Fujimori elected to Congress

    31 May 2006

    Although Fujimori is overseas and facing charges of corruption and human rights abuses, it seems his name still goes a long way and his influence within the Peruvian congress remains significant.

  • Camisea disaster

    31 March 2006

    On the first Saturday of March, a liquid gas pipeline ruptured into the jungle town of Echarati, a lush corner of the Cusco region and home to one of the world's most bio diverse rain forests.

  • MRTA Rebel leader convicted

    31 March 2006

    A Peruvian court has sentenced the leader of a Marxist insurgent group to 32 years in prison, after finding him guilty of nearly 30 crimes committed in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

  • New Peru Euro network lobbies the European Parliament

    31 March 2006

    A group of NGOs and support groups throughout Europe have come together to form a European Platform on Peru (PEP). The PSG is part of this group and was in Brussels in March to lobby Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on the recommendations of the Truth Commission.

  • The trend in increasing mining exports continues unabated

    31 March 2006

    Peru continues to be heavily mined. With a massive increase recorded in exports between 2004 and 2005, 2006 looks set to further this trend.
    The value of Peru's mining exports rose 17% in the first two months of 2006.

  • Amnesty International launch campaign to bring Fujimori to justice

    31 January 2006

    Amnesty International has launched a campaign to support human rights campaigners in Peru to bring Alberto Fujimori to justice. They call for him either to face trial in Chile or be extradited to Peru for trial.

  • European Parliament backs the Fujimori extradition request

    31 January 2006

    On 20 January the European Parliament (EP) voted on a resolution backing the Peruvian extradition request of ex-President Alberto Fujimori.

  • Economic growth gives little benefit for the average Peruvian

    31 January 2006

    Foreign trade minister, Alfredo Ferrero, has stated that the value of Peru's mining exports increased 34.1% to £5.34bn in 2005 compared to the year before

  • Fujimori's move to Chile: Was it all calculated?

    30 November 2005

    On the 6th of November, Alberto Fujimori, former Peruvian president (1990-2000) was detained in Chile, after having lived in self imposed exile in Japan for the last four years.

  • PSG Aims

    The Peru Support Group exists to promote social inclusion, sustainable development and the observance of human rights in Peru. To that end the PSG highlights shortcomings in observance of established norms, whether international or local in nature, in its research, advocacy and publications. In so doing, it underscores the relationships that exist within the political system, how institutions work, and the effectiveness of policies that aim to reduce poverty and inequality within the context of sustainable development.

  • Historical Overview

    Over the past century Peru has suffered a series of autocratic governments and a civil war in which nearly 70,000 people died. Many of the country's ongoing political and social problems are a legacy of its somewhat turbulent past. 

  • Human Rights

    Human rights violations were widespread during the twenty years after the initiation of armed conflict in 1980. Efforts to convict perpetrators since the war's end have made only limited progress. Today, concerns remain over the treatment of those engaged in social protest, particularly against strategically important investment projects.

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