• Ex-Ambassador Charged with Insider Dealing

    Update 130. 30 November 2008

    Richard Ralph, former ambassador to Peru and ex-chairman of Monterrico Metals mining company, has been fined £117,691.41 (about US$176,000) by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) for insider dealing.

  • 5th anniversary of TRC report

    Update 129. 30 September 2008

    August 28th saw the fifth anniversary of the publication of the final report and recommendations of Peru's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

  • Fujimori Case

    Update 129. 30 September 2008

    The final summing up in former president Alberto Fujimori's case

  • State of Emergency in the Amazon

    Update 129. 30 September 2008

    Indigenous groups in the provinces of Cusco, Loreto and Amazonas called off their protests

  • President of Constitutional Tribunal Resigns

    Update 128. 31 July 2008

    César Landa Arroyo unexpectedly resigned from his position as President of Peru's Constitutional Tribunal.

  • 'Accused' Give Statements to Public Prosecutor in Río Blanco Case

    Update 128. 31 July 2008

    Piura's Public Prosecutor has begun hearings in the case of 35 environmental and human rights activists and local politicians

  • Decree approved which violates peasant and indigenous rights

    Update 127. 31 May 2008

    The government has published a legislative decree (No. 1015) in which Alan Garcia has lowered the approval rating needed from communities for private investment on their communal lands, in both the highlands and in the Amazon, from two thirds to 50%.

  • New Ministry of the Environment created

    Update 127. 31 May 2008

    President Garcia ushered in Peru's first Ministry of the Environment on May 13th 2008

  • UN questions traditional coca uses

    Update 126. 31 March 2008

    In March, the UN's International Narcotics Control Board recommended banning coca chewing and the use of coca in mass-consumption products such as tea in Peru and Bolivia.

  • Río Blanco Fined

    Update 126. 31 March 2008

    In late February, the Peruvian government's Supervisory Board for Investment in the Energy Sector (OSINERGMIN) imposed a sanction on Monterrico Metals' Río Blanco copper mine project. This was due to the failure to comply with promises made in their environmental evaluation, including a failure to implement measures to control erosion.

  • Historical Overview

    Over the past century Peru has suffered a series of autocratic governments and a civil war in which nearly 70,000 people died. Many of the country's ongoing political and social problems are a legacy of its somewhat turbulent past. 

  • Society and Conflict

    Peru’s indigenous and peasant communities continue to suffer political marginalisation and discrimination. Insufficient consultation with such groups over political and developmental decisions has fostered feelings of disenfranchisement and led to elevated levels of social conflict.

  • Climate Change

    Two important reports on the impacts of climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC ) Special Report on Emissions Scenarios and the Stern Review, place Peru as one of the countries that will be most affected by the effects of climate change.

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