• Reports of turn-around on consulta previa

    14 November 2015

    Reuters news agency has been reporting an about-turn by the Peruvian government on the vexed issue of prior consultation (consulta previa) among indigenous communities in the Andes.

  • New national park, Sierra del Divisor

    14 November 2015

    Onn 8 November President Humala enacted legislation creating the huge (1.4 million hectare) Sierra del Divisor park on the borders between Ucayali and Loreto regions in the Peruvian Amazon

  • Coordinadora concerned over community expropriation

    09 November 2015

    The Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos has issued a public statement expressing concern at the most recent legislation being introduced in Peru which appears to be yet another attempt to eliminate barriers to investment at the expense of vulnerable communities.

  • Democracy and party funding: public spending authorised

    09 November 2015

    How political parties achieve the funding they need to finance electoral activity has a direct bearing on the quality of democracy wherever it is practiced. It was agreed on 5 November by Congress that parties which win representation in the legislature should be able to seek public money if they need it for specific purposes.

  • Alan Garcia and the 'narco pardons'

    09 November 2015

    On 5 November, both the New York Times and the Washington Post published articles on the more than 1,167 pardons former president Alan García issued between 2006 and 2011 to people accused of trafficking narcotics during his second tenure as president.

  • Fresh tensions over border with Chile

    09 November 2015

    There has been a flurry of diplomatic exchanges between Peru and Chile over the last week with reference to the four hectare triangle of territory on the frontier left unresolved by the Internal Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling last year on the two countries’ maritime frontier.

  • Las Bambas strike ends

    31 October 2015

    On 29 October, the minister of the interior, José Luis Pérez Guadalupe, announced the ending of the state of emergency, decreed a month earlier, in the provinces of Cotabambas, Grau, Andahuaylas and Chincheros in Apurímac, and Espinar and Chumbivilcas in Cusco.

  • New Justice Minister

    31 October 2015

    Aldo Vásquez was sworn in on 29 October as Peru’s latest justice minister.

  • Convoca calculates millions in unpaid fines

    31 October 2015

    Convoca has been calculating the scale of fines that would have been levied against contaminating companies in the extractives sector but for the let-out clauses given by the government last year.

  • Battle over the first lady's diaries forces minister to resign

    26 October 2015

    On 19 October, Justice Minister Gustavo Adrianzén dismissed Public Prosecutor Julia Príncipe because she chose to give testimony to the commission investigating Nadine Heredia without first seeking official consent.

  • PSG Aims

    The Peru Support Group exists to promote social inclusion, sustainable development and the observance of human rights in Peru. To that end the PSG highlights shortcomings in observance of established norms, whether international or local in nature, in its research, advocacy and publications. In so doing, it underscores the relationships that exist within the political system, how institutions work, and the effectiveness of policies that aim to reduce poverty and inequality within the context of sustainable development.

  • Historical Overview

    Over the past century Peru has suffered a series of autocratic governments and a civil war in which nearly 70,000 people died. Many of the country's ongoing political and social problems are a legacy of its somewhat turbulent past. 

  • Human Rights

    Human rights violations were widespread during the twenty years after the initiation of armed conflict in 1980. Efforts to convict perpetrators since the war's end have made only limited progress. Today, concerns remain over the treatment of those engaged in social protest, particularly against strategically important investment projects.

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