• Disappointing response on heavy metals contamination

    11 March 2018

    In November last year, there was the first national meeting of the many groups affected by heavy metals contamination in mining areas. That meeting, a promising move, ended with an agreement for a national forum of all the groups represented.

  • Interpreting Fraser Institute's report on Peru's attractiveness to investors

    02 March 2018

    Peru has improved its attractiveness to investment in mining, according to company perceptions. This information is contained in a new report by the Fraser Institute, a Canadian think-tank based in Vancouver.

  • Students reject 'discriminatory' law

    02 March 2018

    Dubbed ‘the law for youth slavery’, Fujimorista legislator Rosa Bartra’s draft legislation has led to street protest and a pledge from other members of Congress that it will not pass a second reading. The reaction has been so strong that Bartra herself has called for its withdrawal until it can be improved.

  • Fujimori to stand trial anew?

    24 February 2018

    Alberto Fujimori may stand trial for his part in the killings at Pativilca, nothwithstanding the pardon given to him by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski last December.

  • Southern gets the go-ahead for Michiquillay

    24 February 2018

    Southern Peru Copper, a division of the Mexican multinational Grupo México, has been awarded the contract to develop and exploit the Michiquillay mine in Cajamarca. Southern currently has two large mines, Toquepala and Cuajone, in Southern Peru, along with a copper smelter at Ilo.

  • Trade in mercury continues

    17 February 2018

    Top players in the world market have moved against trade in mercury in recent years. Mercury is a key input in the production of artisanal gold and is highly damaging both to human health and the environment

  • Growing protest looms over Southern's push on Tia Maria

    17 February 2018

    Southern Copper is pushing hard to obtain its social licence and with it the permission to go ahead this year with the giant Tía María copper project.

  • Economic growth slows

    17 February 2018

    In 2017, Peru’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 2.5%, according to figures published last week by the national statistics office (INEI). This is the slowest rate of growth since 2014.

  • MAAP maps deforestation in 2017

    11 February 2018

    The latest report by the Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project (MAAP), published last week, provides new figures for deforestation in the Amazon region of Peru. According to MAAP, Peru lost a further 143,425 hectares (354,410 acres) of forest cover in 2017.

  • Inter American Court ruling questioned

    11 February 2018

    The Inter-American Court on Human Rights (IACHR) has ruled against the Peruvian state in the case of the supreme justices of the Constitutional Tribunal.

  • PSG Aims

    The Peru Support Group exists to promote social inclusion, sustainable development and the observance of human rights in Peru. To that end the PSG highlights shortcomings in observance of established norms, whether international or local in nature, in its research, advocacy and publications. In so doing, it underscores the relationships that exist within the political system, how institutions work, and the effectiveness of policies that aim to reduce poverty and inequality within the context of sustainable development.

  • Historical Overview

    Over the past century Peru has suffered a series of autocratic governments and a civil war in which nearly 70,000 people died. Many of the country's ongoing political and social problems are a legacy of its somewhat turbulent past. 

  • Human Rights

    Human rights violations were widespread during the twenty years after the initiation of armed conflict in 1980. Efforts to convict perpetrators since the war's end have made only limited progress. Today, concerns remain over the treatment of those engaged in social protest, particularly against strategically important investment projects.

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