Category: Corruption

Keiko walks free…

Keiko Fujimori walked free from the women’s prison in Chorillos on 29 November following the decision (by four votes to three) of the Constitutional Tribunal that she presented no risk through perverting the course of justice,...

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The time of reckoning

In the past months the Peruvian justice system has been involved in a series of investigations of corruption at all levels of government. In the last week many of those processes have come to a head and this has led to a moment...

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Coca and corruption

A recent article by Jaime Antezana draws attention to the linkages between drug manufacture, corruption and the ongoing presence of terrorist organisations in places like the VRAEM (Valleys of the Rivers Apurímac, Ene and...

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The Construction Club

Both officials at the transport and communications ministry and executives within the construction industry will wait with bated breath to see what will be revealed as two members of the so-called ‘Construction Club’ (Club de la...

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