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Alan García’s ‘metamemorias’

This weekend sees the publication of Alan García’s memoirs, entitled – significantly for a man who saw himself towering above lesser mortals – as ‘metamemorias’. As is to be expected, it is a rebuttal of many of the accusations...

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Who is the king of the castle?

Francisco Durand, more than anyone of his generation, has researched the ins and outs of Peru’s powerful business elite. Coinciding with a conference this week in the Catholic University on elites, civil society and the state in...

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Remembering (or forgetting) Velasco

3 October is the 50th anniversary of the coup d’etat that brought to power the so-called ‘Revolutionary Government of the Armed Forces’ in Peru, led by General Juan Velasco. 3 October 1968 was a turning point in Peruvian...

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The canon and its impact

An increase in mining output and prices in the first half of this year means that the amount of money available to sub-national tiers of government through the canon system has increased. Regional and local governments received...

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Battles over memory

The past week has seen an escalation of the bitter disagreements over how to frame the memory of more than two decades of violent conflict (1980-2002). First came the episode where an assistant working for Congresswoman Maria...

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The debate about increased poverty

Carolina Trivelli, one of Peru’s best informed experts on poverty and social deprivation has written the following piece which we think is helpful to our readers in interpreting recently published figures that show an increase...

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