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We draw attention to poverty and human rights issues in Peru by providing timely news and analysis to an international network of policymakers, researchers and civil society groups.

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Peru is a country of abundant natural resources and rich culture. Despite this, over half of the population live in poverty. Social discrimination and inequality are widespread.

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Latest News and Analysis

Canon fodder: how the money from Camisea is spent

The town of Palma Real, indeed most of the district of Echarati in Cuzco where it is situated (the province of La Convención), stands as a monument to how not to pursue development. Under the canon scheme, half of the corporate income tax derived from the Camisea...

Espinar: the opportunity for serious community consultation?

Copper and gold mining in Espinar have a long history of discord going back to state ownership under Velasco and before that when mines were in foreign hands. For years, it was Tintaya that dominated the story (later Tintaya-Antapaccay), in the hands of BHP Billiton,...

The business world: corporate repentance?

Bad timing. The revelations about how top business executives illicitly funded the political campaigns of those they thought would benefit their interests came only days before the annual meeting of executives (CADE), this year in a big tent at Paracas near Pisco....

…while Villanueva goes to jail

As Keiko stepped out of jail, another important figure, César Villanueva, stepped in. Villanueva was among those who appeared to have received large bribes from Odebrecht when he was governor of the San Martín region. He subsequently became prime minister during the...

Keiko walks free…

Keiko Fujimori walked free from the women’s prison in Chorillos on 29 November following the decision (by four votes to three) of the Constitutional Tribunal that she presented no risk through perverting the course of justice, despite the charges against her. Keiko...

And in Peru’s potato park…

A potato park has been established in the Sacred Valley of the Incas on an area of 39 square miles on a terrain varying between 3,400 to 4,900 metres above sea level. The idea is to see what types of potato grow best at different altitudes at a time when climate...

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